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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is attic insulation removed?

A: We use an industrial vacuum that will intake the contaminated insulation directly from your attic and load it in a special bag used for this process. At no point is the insulation exposed into your home or garage.

Q: Do we need to leave the home?

A: Simply put, no. Because the equipment we use is designed specifically for this process nothing will be exposed to your home or family. We seal the access to the attic while the process is performed.

Q:What about what the rodents have left behind?

A: After the insulation has been removed and prior to installing the new insulation, we treat the entire attic flooring with a disinfectant/sanitizer.

Q: Is this covered with our homeowners insurance?

A: There are different policy types. Check with your provider for details on your policy.

As part of the "Clean Home Solutions Cloud" including The Insulation Doctor, Mr. Clean Duct and Universal Pest & Termite (Southside, Peninsula) , we are qualified to handle a complete service when protecting your family and home.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Just removing insulation due to a rodent infestation or other issues may not be enough. Many consumers have had their insulation removed only to find the issue is in their air-ducts rather than the attic or crawl space. This is why we recommend having an inspection from a qualified  professional prior to spending

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Why should your insulation company be qualified in cleaning air-ducts?

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Insulation removal can be a difficult task without the proper training and equipment. When insulation is removed you stand the risk of exposing your family and home to allergens and other airborne contaminants that could effect the health of your family. The trained technicians at The Insulation Doctor are equipped to make sure entry points are sealed, the equipment is working properly with no air leaks in the vacuum lines and that the clean up is performed properly. There are many companies that claim they perform insulation removal but only a few that have the proper equipment, training and experience. Trust The Insulation Doctor to remove any contaminated or unwanted insulation from your home.

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The Insulation Doctor home insulation specializes in removing attic and crawl space insulation due to contamination from rodents or wildlife, moisture damage and improper installation.

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